Emergency Response Imagery

The imagery posted on this site was acquired by the NOAA Remote Sensing Division to support NOAA national security and emergency response requirements. In addition, it will be used for ongoing research efforts for testing and developing standards for airborne digital imagery.

Emergency Response Imagery:

Illinois Tornadoes (2015)

Hurricane Arthur (2014)

Hurricane Sandy (2012):   Web Map Interface

Hurricane Isaac (2012):   Web Map Interface

Hurricane Irene (2011):   Web Map Interface    HTML Interface

Joplin, MO Tornado (2011)

Tuscaloosa, AL Tornado (2011)

North Dakota Flooding (2011)

Hurricane Earl (2010):   Web Map Interface    HTML Interface

Nor'Easter Nov09 (2009)

Hurricane Ike (2008)

Hurricane Gustav (2008)

Hurricane Humberto (2007)

Tropical Storm Ernesto (2006)

Hurricane Wilma (2005)

Hurricane Rita (2005)

Hurricane Ophelia (2005)

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Hurricane Dennis (2005)

Hurricane Ivan (2004)

Hurricane Jeanne (2004)

Hurricane Isabel (2003)